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eDIL Laws i 150.7
Ancient Laws of Ireland, eds. Hancock, W. Neilson (vols. I, II) O'Mahony, Thaddeus, Rev. (vols. I, II, III, IV) O'Donovan, John, MRIA (1809-1861) (vols. I, II, III, V) O'Curry, Eugene (1794-1862) (vols. III, V) Hennessy, William Maunsell, MRIA (1828-1889) (vol. IV) Richey, Alexander George (vols. III, IV), Atkinson, Robert, MRIA, (1839-1908) (vol. V), v. I: Senchus Mór: introduction to Senchus Mór and Athgabhail, or, Law of Distress, as contained in the Harleian manuscripts; v. II: Senchus Mór pt.2: Law of Distress, laws of hostage-sureties, fosterage, saer-stock tenure, daer-stock tenure, and of social connexions; v. III: Senchus Mór (conclusion) being the Corus Bescna, or Customary law, and the Book of Aicill; v. IV: Din Techtugad and certain other selected Brehon Law tracts; v. V: Uraicecht Becc and certain other selected Brehon Law tracts; v. VI: Glossary to volumes I-V (Dublin: Thom; Longman) 1865-1901.