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Searchable Lemmata: diarchen (W).
Alternate Forms: ddiarchen.

    Definitions and Defining Citations:

1(adj.) Accessory; barefoot or unshod, of people and animals (e.g. horses). Also 'bare, uncovered' more generally (cf. the broader senses of archenad).(circa 1350 - post 1800 ?)
1. Na roed farch cul diarchen, LLwygus i wr heinus hen. Poetic. [GPC IGE (57) circa 1350/1400]
2. Nid eirch dy nai hacnai hen, Ond erchi un diarchen. Poetic. [GPC GGl (61) 1445/1475]
Sex: Male, Female    Ceremonial: No
Body Parts:

    Etymological Evidence:

Definite, negative prefix di + archen (see accrann) 'footwear, shoes', hence 'unshod'.
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