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Searchable Lemmata: patin (AF), patinue (L), patin (ME), patten (MdE).
Alternate Forms: patine, patyn, patynis, patyns.

    Definitions and Defining Citations:

1(n.) Footwear; protective footwear; usually a two-heeled wooden clog, held on by leather straps.(ante 1100 still in current use)
1. si quis scacchas aut patinos in gildalla attulerit, dimidiam unciam argenti dabit vel x denarios [DMLBS Gild Merch. (I 290)]
2. Peyntours, Dyers, Quyltemakers ... Skynners, Sellers of Patyns, Armorers. Legal. [MED Oath Bk.Colchester (10) ante 1399]
3. Omnes ministri Ecclesiæ ... utuntur, in Ecclesia et in processione patens et clogges contra honestatem Ecclesiæ et antiquam consuetudinem. [MED Doc.York in Sur.Soc.35 (243) 1390]
4. Callopodium: a stilt or a patin. Gloss. [MED *Medulla ((Stnh A.1.10) 11a/b) ante 1425]
5. j tone j quarter plein de patin, valor xl s. Accounts. [AND Port Bks (50) 1427/1430]
6. A patane [Monson: Patan]: Calapedium, lignipes, lignipedum Lexicon. [MED *Cath.Angl. ((Add 15562) 93a) circa 1475]
AF, L, ME, MdE; Primarily Accounts.
Sex: Male, Female    Use: n/a    Status: n/a    Rank: n/a    Ceremonial: No
Body Parts: Foot.

    Etymological Evidence:

Definite, AF/OF patin, attested on the continent from the twelfth century. The word is from patte 'paw' + suffix -in.
WF: Borrowed into the British Isles
Etym Cog:

    Archaeological Evidence:

Grew, F. and De Neergaard, M. (2006).