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Searchable Lemmata: galahoth (AF), galaoth (ME).
Alternate Forms:

    Definitions and Defining Citations:

1(n.) Headgear; diadem worn by the Great Khan (in Mandeville's Travels).(circa 1350 - circa 1400)
1. [390] ... Ly secund milliers est tout vestiz des draps diaprés de soie vermaille as overaignes d'o ... [401] ... il ouste sa galahoth qe siet sur sa teste en guyse d’un chapeau de feutre, qe est fait d’or et des pierres preciouses et de grosses perles, et est si riche qe homme le priseroit bien une roialme en ceo pays' ... [405] ... [...] et sont lour draps fenduz a cousté et fermé a laces (ed. lacés) de soie [AND Mandeville (390-405) circa 1360]
2. He doth adown his Galaoth [Eg: hatte; F Galahoth], þat syt vpon his hede in manere of a chapelet, þat is made of gold & preciouse stones & grete perles(date uncertain - MED) [MED Mandev.(1) ((Tit C.16) 161/22) ante 1425]
Sex: Male    Ceremonial: No
Body Parts: Head.

    Etymological Evidence:

Definite, ME from AF < OF, but of uncertain earlier origin. It may in some way be related to galeola, Latin diminutive of galea 'helm', and also the Latin adjective galeatus 'helmed'. It is possible that the word was 'exoticised' in form under influence of a name (e.g., common medieval spellings of Biblical Gilead in various medieval texts include galaath, galaoth, etc.).
WF: Borrowed into the British Isles
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