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Searchable Lemmata: paltoke (ME), paltok (AF), paltokus (L), paltok (OScots), paltock (MdE).
Alternate Forms: paltoke, pattoke, paltokkos, paltokkes, paltokes, paltockes, paltokys.

    Definitions and Defining Citations:

1(n.) Garment; short, sleeved upper garment, usually described as worn by a man. Often paltocks are described as being made of rich fabric - of satin in the fourteenth century [London, p. 122] - and sometimes worn as, or under, armour; a sleeved doublet. Discussing a Great Wardrobe account of 1361-2 (memb. 13 of National Archives MS E 101/393/15, a roll of liveries John de Neubury, keeper of the great wardrobe), Stella Mary Newton notes that: 'The paltoks [in the roll] are described as being padded and, from the materials issued for their making, it seems they must have been made of cloth stuffed with cotton-wool and lined with linen of Reims. [...] they were either quilted or closely sewn in some other way and this again confirms John of Reading’s statement that paltoks and other very short garments were sewn all over [...] members of the court circle were wearing as many gounes and paltoks as suits, though neither was yet being issued to valets or other servants. While gounes were worn by members of either sex paltoks were naturally worn only by men' [Newton, S.M. (1980), 54-5].(circa 1350 - circa 1660 ?)
1. [One] paltok, [one pair of hose] Legal, Wills. [MED Will Court Hust. ((Gldh) 1.670) 1353]
2. habent aliud indumentum sericum quod vulgo dicitur paltok Historic. [DMLBS Eul. Hist. (III 230) ante 1366]
3. habent ... caligas bipartitas et stragulatas quas cum corrigiis ligant ad suos paltokkos [vv. ll. paltokkes, paltokes] Historic. [DMLBS Eul. Hist. (III 231) ante 1366]
4. item lego ij paltokes ... fratri meo, cum capite et cirotecis ferreis Wills. [DMLBS Test. Karl. (87) 1368]
5. [188] ... une fronter pur l'auter desouz une autre fronter par desuis de meisme la suyt, ov un Crucifixe enbroudé ... [189] ... un cavance et un surplice ... [193] ... deux ulnes de camaka pur un paltok ... [194] ... Item a Joesne filz le count de Penbroch une hanap d'argent ove pee et covercle par tout anaymelez et le covercle ové une fret de perles q'estoit donez a dite Elizabeth par la dame Welle Accounts. [AND GAUNT1 (ii 188-194) 1372/1376]
6. [John Grey ... bought ... two] paltockes [of black] satyn, [called] jackes [MED Doc.in Riley Mem.Lond. (418) 1378]
7. [342] ... Adam & his wyf ... tokene leeues of a fige-tre ... for þat tyme were no furred gounnes ne pricked paltokys ... [344] ... Þanne went god & mad ... eyþer a cote of leþer [vr. leddyr]. Biblical/Hagiographic. [MED Chart.Abbey HG ((LdMisc 210) 342-344) circa 1390]
8. Þe deuel ... stureþ hem to ... pompe her flesche ... wiþ here ... lacis, iackes, paltockes, wiþ here longe cracowes [MED *Bk.Mother ((Bod 416) 56/2) circa 1400]
9. Proude prestes come with hym [Sloth] ... In paltokes & pyked [C: pikede] shoes ... with coueityse þei helden Poetic, Vision. (work: c1378) [MED PPl.B ((LdMisc 581) 20.218) circa 1440]
10. Acupicta, i. vestis acu texta, a paltoke or a doublette Gloss. (dating uncertain) [MED *Medulla ((Add 33534) 380) circa 1460]
c.f.: jack, doublet
AF, L, ME, MdE, OScots.
Sex: Male    Use: n/a    Status: n/a    Rank: n/a    Ceremonial: No
Body Parts: Back, Chest.
2(n.) Personal Name; appears as a surname ('Agatha Pattoke'; 1327).(circa 1327)
Sex: Female    Ceremonial: No
Body Parts: N/A.

    Etymological Evidence:

Speculative, Perhaps from the ME noun pal + the suffix -ok. AF paltok (c1375) and post-classical L paltokkus (mid 14th century in Britain) may be derived from ME. The MED adds: 'The intrusive -t- is difficult to account for, except on the assumption that the stem was confused with palet n.(1), a head covering worn either as a helmet or as a helmet liner. OF paltoc is a borrowing from ME' ['paltoke'].
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    Art and Illustration:

Add illustration from Douce MS of Piers Plowman